Security Guard

In the past, hiring a security guard company in Auckland was predominantly the domain of big businesses. These days, however, all types of businesses can take advantage of the benefits offered by security companies.

Engaging the services of a security guard company in Auckland to protect your business and your assets is a great idea. Not only will your staff and customers feel safer, but on-site security guards are the best defence and deterrent against vandalism, theft and other undesirable behaviours. 

Different types of businesses and organisations have different needs when considering hiring a security company in Auckland. Read on to learn more about just some areas where this service is being put to good use.

Retail Outlets

Every year, retail outlets suffer significant losses at the hands of shoplifters who participate in this relatively low-risk criminal activity. This is particularly true for stores that sell portable items such as clothing, accessories, small electronics, cosmetics and alcohol, to name just a few.

Hiring the services of a security guard company in Auckland will have multiple benefits. Firstly, the mere presence of security personnel acts as a deterrent, making your store instantly less of a target than stores without security guards. Vigilant guards will know what suspicious behaviours to look out for to prevent or apprehend individuals who attempt to shoplift.

The cost of hiring a security guard company in Auckland will be significantly lower than the potential losses in an unguarded retail outlet.

Academic Institutions And Schools

Schools and academic institutions with security guards on-site create a sense of safety that every parent will appreciate as they leave their children in their care. Access to the school grounds can be controlled and monitored to ensure a safe environment and prevent admission to unauthorised persons, theft, vandalism and other unwanted threats.

Additionally, alarm monitoring for panic calls or intruder alerts, after-hours security and night patrols have proven effective in maintaining security at schools and academic institutions. 

Healthcare Facilities

Busy healthcare facilities like hospitals will have many people entering and exiting their premises day and night. Security guards are necessary to control access and ensure that unauthorised persons do not enter any restricted parts of the facility. 

Hospitality Industry

Large hotels and other facilities in the hospitality industry are easy targets for criminals due to the many people entering and exiting the property every day. Hiring the services of a security guard company will ensure that only authorised persons have access to the premises and the facilities that are reserved for residents only. They can also provide an additional security layer to outside areas such as car parks and gardens.

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