Mobile Security Patrol Services



Mobile Patrol Security In New Zealand

Keeping your premises safe and secure means you need to approach security from several angles. A guard at a fixed location or CCTV alone are not enough as they leave blind spots which can be exploited. Intercept offers mobile patrol security services to help ensure that there are no weak points on your premises that could allow a security breach to occur.
No matter what type of premises you have, a mobile security patrol service can help keep you safe. When you choose Intercept, one of our experienced, licensed security guards will move around your premises on the lookout for any suspicious, unlawful or otherwise dangerous behaviour.

Mobile Patrol Security
As a top security guard company in Auckland that also services Hamilton and Wellington, our team knows the right procedures and protocols to follow in the event of suspicious behaviour. Whether they need to report anything unusual or respond to alarming activity, our guards are alert and ready to jump into action.

What Our Clients Can Expect From Intercept’s Security Patrol Services

Licensed, experienced security guards with the right training to ensure they know what to look for and how to react to any problems.

Regular patrols to identify, record and report any suspicious or unusual activity on your premises.

Prompt, effective response to any problematic behaviour or security breaches.

Courteous, respectful security guards that strive to deliver outstanding customer service and are committed to keeping you and your premises safe and secure.


We understand that you want to work with a security company you can trust. Don’t take our word for it. Here is what our previous customers have to say about working with Intercept.