Fire Blankets



Fire Blankets In New Zealand

In the event of a fire, it is essential to have the necessary equipment to extinguish the flames and protect both people and property from harm. As there are a wide variety of fire types and a range of fire causes, so too must there be different types of extinguishing methods and tools.

Fire blankets can extinguish fires quickly and effectively and can be used to put out a range of fire types. From electrical fires to clothing that has been set ablaze to a cooking pot that has caught alight, fire blankets can effectively extinguish the flames.

Fire blankets are compact and easy to install, making them a convenient solution for even the smallest spaces. Fire blankets should be installed within reach in case of emergency but not too close to a high-risk area to avoid being inaccessible in the event of a fire.

Intercept Security Guard
Intercept offers you a range of fire safety equipment, including fire blankets. Our experienced team can help with annual surveys and inspections to ensure that you have the right fire safety equipment on hand and in the correct places. In addition to fire blankets, you can find the right fire extinguisher for sale to suit your needs, inspections and certifications, Building Warrant of Fitness certifications and more.

Features Of A Fire Blanket

Compact and easy to install.

Can extinguish a number of fire types, including fir that cannot be extinguished with water.

Smothers flames without burning, melting or clinging to damaged skin.

Suitable for schools, kitchens, hospitals, labs, factories, offices and more.


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