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Premium Site Safe Certified Security Guard Company in Auckland

At Intercept, we pride ourselves on our reputation as a security company in Auckland that provides the highest levels of security, monitoring and protection services across New Zealand.

We have taken security and protection to the next level, expanding our offering to incorporate licensed security officers, fire safety, trade recruitment, equipment and event fence hire and more. We proudly offer our clients a “one-stop protection shop” that provides our customers with peace of mind and safety across every aspect of both their business and personal lives. From crowd control barriers to alarm services and hiring security guards, we are at your service.

Premium Site Safe Certified Security Guard Company in Auckland



We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality service while maintaining open and honest communication at all times.


We hold our values to the highest importance. Our company has been founded on key principles and standards. We want our customers to know exactly what they can expect of us and we deliver.


From the start, we have envisioned becoming a primary service provider for our clients. We want to ensure they are free from the stresses and hassles of dealing with multiple companies for different products and services. No matter your security or protection needs, we can help.

Extraordinary Standards:

At Intercept, we provide a standard of service that is superior to any of our competition. We strive to not only be the best but to keep bettering ourselves so that our customers can enjoy the highest quality service at all times.




We mean what we say. When we share our vision, mission and values, we mean every word we say. We care about our customers and the job we do and aim to show that in every interaction with our customers.


We have founded our company on the principles of being honest and maintaining our strong moral standards. We take responsibility and hold ourselves to a high standard. As a team, we strive to achieve outstanding results.


As a team, we are enthusiastic, passionate and committed to working together to keep our clients secure. We keep homes, businesses and entire communities safe with our drive and commitment to excellence.

Customer-Oriented Service:

With Intercept, the customer comes first. At our core, we value keeping our customers safe while providing a level of customer service that keeps them happy when dealing with us.



Certified Members Of Site Safe New Zealand Inc

Our valued membership shows the commitment we have to developing a strong culture of health and safety throughout New Zealand’s construction industry. 



Why Choose Intercept?


We are consistent in our interactions with our customers and are completely transparent in all aspects of our business.


We strive to make every one of our services one our customers can be proud of.


With over 35 years of experience in security, you can trust Intercept to provide the highest quality services.


We aim to keep lines of communication open and convenient at all times. With mutual respect, we form successful partnerships with our customers thanks to our strong communication skills.