Event Security

Event planning is a tricky business with so many aspects to cover to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the event. One key aspect that must be prepared for and planned well in advance is event security in Auckland.

Here are 5 top tips to assist with this critical aspect of event planning.

1) Hire A Professional Security Company

Professional companies that offer event security in Auckland are perfectly positioned to attend to your event’s security needs. They will supply the staff, technology and support needed to handle all aspects of your security requirements, from access control to crowd control and everything in between.

2) Contingency Planning

In the event of an actual emergency during your event, you will need to ensure that you have an executable emergency backup plan in place to ensure the safety of staff and attendees. Your professional event security company can assist in setting up such contingency planning for your event with their vast experience.

3) Risk Reduction

Organising an event involves risk management on many levels. By hiring a professional event security company in Auckland, you will mitigate the potential risks by outsourcing this task to a team that is fully equipped to handle most situations.

4) Crowd Contol Measures

Your professional event security company in Auckland can assist with a range of crowd control measures according to your event security plan. This will include security personnel, access controls, temporary barriers and other measures to ensure that large numbers of people can enter, participate and exit safely from the venue. Access control will include making sure that only legitimate participants are admitted and that they are not carrying any items or substances that you have decided to prohibit, like weapons, drugs and alcohol.

5) Excellent Communication

To facilitate success on the day, all key players in the event organisation and execution must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently. Discuss communication methods with your event security company in Auckland to ensure that all communication is on point. Detection and prevention of potential problems is preferred over having an actual emergency and having to deal with the fallout. Excellent communication channels will go a long way to make sure that this does not happen.

Contact Intercept today to find out how we can handle all aspects of event security in Auckland for your planned gathering. We also offered Portaloos, temporary fencing, crowd control barriers and Portacoms for hire.